Thursday, 7 March 2013

I want to upgrade my older PSE version to current PSE version. How?

If you own any older PSE version, then instead of buying a full version, you can upgrade to current version (as upgrade will be less expensive than buying Full version). For upgrading, you can visit:

For example, I have PSE4 installed on my system. Now I want to have the current PSE version (which currently is PSE11). If I am going to buy a full version, it will cost me $99.99 as shown below (snapshots taken from link mentioned above and may subject to change)
Instead if I do a upgrade it will just cost me $79.99 as shown below:

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  1. On 12/1/2014 I purchased and downloaded PS Elements 13 64-bit Win7 from the Adobe website to a new Dell Inspirion 64-bit with Win 7 Pro.  I have previously been using a registered copies of Adobe Photoshop Album(PSA) 1.0 and Photoshop Elements 2.0 (both presumably 32-bit?) since 2005. First on an eMachine T2984 running MS XP Home.  Next I used a computer running Windows 7 Pro operating system and used the "virtual XP" mode to run PSA.  The computer was fried by a lightning strike.  However, I retrieved the hard drive in good working order with files intact.  I am currently running the PSA program on an old PC with MS XP Media Center 2002 and accessing the picture files (9,600) on the old hard drive attached as an external J: drive.  My goal is to transfer all picture files to the new Dell Inspirion where the new PSE 13 resides.  I couldn’t get the PSA 1.0 program to access the picture files!

    I finally figured out how to use MS Access to change the drive reference to J:/.  (FYI-there was a number of line items that were anomalies that may or may not be significant?)  It seemed that I was about prepared to transition to the new computer and PSE 13, but then after opening PSA, I found I still had about 350 disconnected files (shown by a “?” in place of the pic icon).  I then determined that most, if not all of the disconnects, had one thing in common: they were all “edited pictures” and obviously some of my most valued pictures.  I have started to reconnect them one at a time, but it’s very time consuming!  Is there a more efficient way to accomplish these reconnections?

    If I understand it correctly, the PSE acts like a card catalog in the library where it simply references the actual location of the original and/or edited files? 

    Ultimately, how do I transfer all the reconnected pictures and the associated files and folders to the new computer?  Do I need to use a conversion from 32-bit to 64-bit? Thanks for any advice or assistance you can offer!