Friday, 9 January 2015

Downloading Photoshop Elements - Latest and Older versions.

The latest Photoshop Elements (PSE) version can be downloaded from official Adobe website which may look something like:

As shown in above snapshot, there are two ways/links available to download PSE. Following are recommended steps:
  1. Please select the correct platfrom from flyout shown.
  2. Primary download link: Click on 'download' button shown adjacent to flyout. This will start PSE download using Akamai Download Manager.
  3. Secondary/Alternate link: If you face any issues with Akamai download manager (Primary download link) then please click on 'Secondary/Alternate link' as shown in snapshot.

If you are facing any issues while downloading the build using above steps OR if you want to download older versions, click here. This will take to an official page of Adobe (so don't worry about virus and all) from where you can download any PSE version as per your requirement.

Above steps will be helpful for downloading trial build.
But if you have purchased PSE from any other source except (like from Amazon or any other retail store) and have lost access to build (but you still have the serial number with you) then no issues. Please download the trial build using above steps and then serialize it with your serial number.

Please comment below if you face any issues while downloading.

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