Monday, 1 April 2013

How to improve PSE's performance?

Please refer to this blog, if:
- Elements Organizer is taking a long time to launch.
- Elements Organizer is taking long time to execute simple operations.
- How to Repair/Optimize catalog in Elements Organizer.
- If Editor is taking a long time to launch or to open any images.
Note: The steps mentioned below demonstrates PSE11 but the steps are generic in nature and are valid to all PSE versions (just change the version number wherever required).

Elements Organizer:
For improving Elements Organizer's performance, please follow the solutions.

Solution #1: Turn Off Media analysis
Please follow:
1. Launch Elements Organizer.
2. Press 'Control+K' on Windows (Command+K on Mac) to launch 'Preferences'.
3. Navigate to 'Media Analysis' tab on left side. On right side you will a number of check-boxes  Uncheck all the check boxes as shown in following figure:

Solution #2: Repair/Optimize your catalog:
Please follow:
1. Launch Elements Organizer.
2. Click on 'File->Manage catalogs' as shown below:

3. Now catalog manager dialog will be shown. Select the catalog (say 'BigCatalog') and click on 'Repair' catalog button.

Following progress dialog will appear:

Once this is finished, following dialog will be shown, click the highlighted check box and 'Repair Anyway' button.

4. Once done, click on 'Optimize' button. Following progress dialog will appear:

Once the dialog disappears, following dialog will be appear:

Solution #3: Defragment your hard disk drive (Windows only):
Sometimes PSE may be sluggish because the hard drive is fragmented. To fix this you need to defragment all your hard disk drives. Please note that this operation is time consuming, so do this before going to bed and leave the system ON for night. To defragment hard disk, please follow:

1. On desktop press 'CTRL+R' key to open 'Run' dialog'. Type 'control' as shown below:

2. In the control panel dialog, search for 'defragment'. It will show 'Defragment your hard drive' option under 'Administrative tools' section as shown in following snapshot:

3. Click 'Defragment your hard drive' option to open 'Disk defragmentor'. It will show all disk drives attached to the computer. Select all drives (in case there are multiple drives) at once and click on 'Defragment disks' button as shown in attached snapshot:

Elements Editor:
For improving Elements Editor performance, please refer to the link: 
Please leave your comments if you have any queries. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Any feedback on improving the quality/content of the blog is highly appreciated.

Cheers !!

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